Jason Allen
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Technology enthusiast with a passion for computers, programming, and learning. Currently focused on programming and web design, especially relating to web-components; this includes personal projects as well as contributions to open source repositories on GitHub, including Google projects. Experience building, fixing, and upgrading computers and networks, tutoring students, and assisting with various technologies. Interested in electric vehicles and systems.

  • Web development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP & MySQL.
  • Familiar with web-components, Polymer, React, MDL, and other libraries.
  • Programming with Java & C++ – Novice.
  • Repository management using Git.
  • Familiar with Linux-based systems.
  • Highly skilled usage of computers.
  • Efficient with calculations and values.
  • Detailed and organized.
  • Skilled at Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office.
  • CompTIA A+ Certified.
  • Studying Japanese. (日本語)
  • Remote assistance to aid clients in computer training, troubleshooting, and set-up worldwide.
  • Tutoring students across the world remotely using screen sharing.
  • Aiding and advising on technology purchases with consideration for personal needs.
  • Building high-end computers, including research and component selection.
  • Repairing, re-flashing, rooting, and customizing smartphones and tablets.
  • Web server creation, management, and maintenance.
  • Website design and programming for clients.
  • Network set-up and maintenance.
  • Following updates from various events globally, such as Google I/O and Microsoft Build.
  • triOS - Web Technologies Specialist
    Full stack web design and development
  • Canadian Institute of Management and Technology - Networking
    CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+
  • Alternative Education - Technology
    Online learning and self-directed study.
  • Home School
    I am self-motivated with the ability to learn quickly and independently.
  • Driver’s Licence, Class G.